Vision & Mission


Our Vision :
                    Our vision is to build a better future for Mau by providing exceptional leadership, advocacy and support for the college community. These efforts will foster access, success and lifelong learning for all students while simultaneously advancing the state’s interests in a skilled workforce and an educated citizenry. Luxmi Narayan Mahavidyalaya aspires to be a leading institution in the country offering quality teacher education to enlighten, emancipate and empower the student-teacher fraternity and to foster life long learning.
  • To establish educational institutions from kindergarten to post graduate level in the coming years to make this place a centre of knowledge.
  • By imparting quality education to girls in particulars for women empowerment for viding them equal status in the society so that they may contribute to the development of the family, society and the nation.
  • Promotion of eco- friendly environment to provide a pollution free atmosphere for the students.
  • Total involvement of employees at all levels to provide quality education and up- gradation of knowledge of students so that they can excell in their future endeavor and become responsible citizens of the country.
Our Mission :

                    Luxmi Narayan Mahavidyalaya believes that the major responsibility is to provide the highest level of leadership in furthering education, communication, life long learning and well-being for all citizens. This mission must be pursued at local, state, national, and international levels and it must permeate academic preparation programs, and the domains of teaching, research, and service.

                    The College is known for its systematic inquiry, the lucid way of teaching, and the commitment to service as guiding principles for our actions. We have established core principles as a way to express our dedication to excellence in education at all levels.














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